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PCN Analysis readings

Click for Introduction to PCN Analysis reading (432K PDF file).

  • This is an excerpt from Sampson’s May 2012 Journal of Service Research article titled “Visualizing Service Operations.”
  • It is streamlined for use in a gradute or undergraduate course.
  • The full article is available on the Research tab (to registered instructors) or from the journal website (may require a subscription to access).
  • A longer intro to PCN Analysis is here.

Click for Very basic introduction to PCN Analysis (29K docx file).

  • This information can be used in textbooks or other course materials.
  • Click here for an accompanying PowerPoint file (103K) that has figures.

PCN Analysis exercises

Click for an Introductory PCN Analysis Exercise (300K PowerPoint file).

  • This exercise contains instructions and an example of basic PCN Analysis pertaining to chapters 1 through 5 of Essentials of Service Design.
  • Students can use this PowerPoint file as a template for creating their own PCN Diagrams.
  • PCN Analysis Exercise for older versions of PowerPoint (612K PPT file)

Click for Blank PCN Diagram template (with education example) (85K PowerPoint file).

PCN Analysis slides

Click for PDF of Introduction to PCN Analysis Slides (751KB PDF file).

  • Class slides are available on the instructor page (for registered instructors only).

PCN Analysis courses

Click forĀ Information about Dr. Sampson’s Service Analysis (SEAL) course.

  • This is Dr. Sampson’s MBA 693R-10 course offered Winter semester 2013.
  • The course meets once per week for seven weeks.
  • It is similar to the four-day Service Analysis (SEAL) Basic Training course offered at other universities (two sessions per day).

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