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Dr. Sampson offers various seminars on service design and innovation.

Other seminars he offers include…

Basics of Service Design and Innovation

This half-day seminar introduces participants to PCN Analysis and shows how it can guide efforts for service innovation.  Through a hands-on exercise participants will learn how to move a service business to higher levels of competitiveness.

Introduction to Service Design and Innovation

This 90-minute seminar is a short version of the Basics seminar, without the hands-on exercise.  It introduces participants to PCN Analysis and reviews the fundamental elements of service design and innovation.

Essentials of Service Design and Innovation

This one-day seminar reviews the Basics, and then involves participants in utilizing PCN Analysis to design truly innovative service offerings.  The participants will work as teams to solve a service innovation problem, and will have the chance to apply the PCN Analysis technique to their own business process of choice.

Mastery of Service Design and Innovation

This four-day course immerses the participants in the finer details of PCN Analysis.  Participants are organized in teams and are involved in multiple exercises involving service design and innovation.  Teams can complete exercises based on assigned scenarios, or can optionally conduct PCN Analysis on their own business.  During the seminar participants will have the opportunity to present their analysis to the class and receive valuable feedback.

The following is a video of a November 2012 lecture he gave on Designing Great Services.

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