Service Process Audit

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A Service Process Audit is a simple technique for gathering and compiling information from employees and customers about a process. Human resource (HR) managers sometimes evaluate the performance of employees by surveying their managers, co-workers, subordinates, and even customers in what has come to be known as 360-degree evaluation. A Service Process Audit is similar in that we are documenting and evaluating a process from multiple perspectives.

A Service Process Audit assesses customer and employee perceptions about their experience with the given process being studied. Where possible, it should involve interviewing multiple employees and multiple customers. A Service Process Audit interview includes three parts:

  1. Have them describe the given process from their perspective.
  2. Have them identify parts of the process that they think customers would consider valuable.
  3. Have them identify parts of the process that are burdensome or problematic.

The three parts are described in Essentials of Service Design and Innovation – in chapter 6 of the 4th edition or chapter 21 of the 3rd edition.

A Service Process Audit can be conducted using the Service Process Audit survey instrument.

Information from that survey instrument can be turned into a PCN Diagram with the PCN Wizard (Beta version 0.4).  Note that the PCN Wizard is Beta and undocumented at this time.  Effort is in place to develop the wizard further.

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