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Unit 2: Services Fundamentals: Planning

Many authors have discussed characteristics of service businesses other than customer inputs. Ask yourself this question: Are there other relevant characteristics of service businesses that exist independently of the customer inputs which are specified in the Unified Services Theory? You will find that what many people consider the “characteristics of services” are in fact merely symptoms coming out of the Unified Services Theory. This is because the Unified Services Theory exists at a more basic level than other characteristics of services. We will see that if we ask why other characteristics of services exist the answer is generally “because of customer inputs.” If we ask why customer inputs exist in a particular process, the answer is “because it is a service.” Therefore, the Unified Services Theory is fundamental, and defines services.

The various characteristics of services are not generally present in manufacturing because of the lack of customer inputs. Nevertheless, in some manufacturing cases the characteristics (or symptoms) of services occur for reasons besides customer inputs. (This will be discussed later in the “Manufacturing in Sheep's Clothing” Service Business Principle.)

In this unit we will discuss various symptoms or characteristics of services which result from the Unified Services Theory. In particular, we will focus on those pertaining to planning.

Service Business Principles

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