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Welcome to the wiki of Dr. Scott Sampson at [[http://www.byu.edu|Brigham Young University]]. This is his area for thinking out loud with others. The following are wiki topics: ===== Public Sections ===== * Dr. Sampson's [[usb:toc|Understanding Service Businesses]] book. ==== DSI Conference Management System ==== * [[dsi:cms:tc:faq|Frequently asked questions (FAQ) with answers.]] ==== Service Science development work ==== * [[ibm:ssme:ust|A Unified Services Theory paradigm for Service Science]]. * Thoughts on the proposed [[ibm:ssme:certification|Service Science certifications]]. * The Service Science [[ibm:ssme:readings|Essential Readings Project]]. * Candidate [[ibm:ssme:articles|topics and articles]] for the Essential Readings body of knowledge. ===== Private Sections (login required) ===== * [[gscm:pub|Global Supply Chain Management student recruiting]] (at BYU). * [[ibm:scm|IBM Supply Chain Management Outsourcing case study]]. * [[cos:top|Commoditization of Services]] research project. * [[r:vop:|Voice of the Process]] (SD-Logic II) research. * [[r:cc30:start|Customer Contact - 30 years later]] writing project. * [[r:ses:start|miscellaneous Sampson writing]]


== Public sections == * [[usb:toc|Understanding Service Businesses]] book. * [[ibm:ssme:ust|UST paradigm for Service Science]] * [[ibm:ssme:cambridge07|Cambridge 2007 notes]] ---- * [[:start]] * [[http://services.byu.edu/sw/doku.php?do=index|Site map]] * [[http://services.byu.edu/sw/doku.php?do=recent|Recent Changes]] * [[:wiki:dokuwiki|Help]] == Private sections == * [[gscm:pub|BYU GSCM student recruiting]] * [[ibm:scm|IBM SCM case study]] * [[cos:top|Commoditization of Services]] research

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