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It was suggested at the Cambridge meeting (initially by Jim Spohrer) that one way to help develop SSME is to develop certifications of graduates, programs, etc. This page is for posting thoughts about such certifications.

One fundamental idea behind certifications is that they would indicate that horizontal breadth (of a T individual) is somehow represented.


Certification of Graduates

Service-intensive companies like IBM would be potentially interested in hiring graduates that had a broad introduction to service perspectives. SSME certified graduates would perhaps be required to study a given set of topics from various service disciplines.

Certification of Programs

Programs might be SSME certified as providing the multi-disciplinary service perspectives.

Certification of Courses?

Likewise for courses?

Certification of Faculty?

It seems that SSME certified faculty should be familiar with the various perspectives on services coming from service disciplines.

Certification of Conferences?

Perhaps a SSME certified conference would be one which includes plenary presentations from more than one service discipline. For example, a service operations conference which includes a plenary on services marketing or service oriented software architecture might be certifiable.

A benefit of certification might be additional publicity, as well as access to specific financial support.

Certification of Journals?

Journals related to service topics might be SSME certifiable if they contain review boards from multiple service disciplines.

Certification of Articles?

A given article might be SSME certifiable if it contains major references to publications from multiple service disciplines, and is reviewed by referees from more than one service discipline.

Service Disciplines

The above refers to “service disciplines” which include…

  • services marketing
  • service operations management
  • human resource management for services
  • service oriented architecture (software engineering)
  • industrial psychology
  • others… (Jim, where is your list?)

Click here for more information on “service disciplines.”

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