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Our task

To provide an initial structure for Service Science…

  • Definition
  • Vision
  • Why/benefits

To provide an sufficiently general (specification) that can be used in various contexts and conversations (e.g., 10 minute discussion with senior executive, dean, funding source, etc.).

Proposed Service Science definition

Service Science provides the structure and rigor for maximizing the value mutually created by optimally using all resources in [consumption and production] service provision interaction.

Subsequent sentences can be added to provide contextual or disciplinary emphasis. [Words in brackets are also optional.] Some examples include…

  • …optimism use of resources.
  • By interaction we mean…
  • By value we mean…
  • By consumption/production we mean…

Proposed Service Science Vision

The vision of SSME is to vigorously advance the state of service science through the integrated talents of a diverse community of academics and executives so as to create ongoing innovation in service system design that adds great value to outcomes, employees and organisations and other stakeholders affected by their activities.

Proposed why/benefits for Service Science

Service Science is about integration and optimization, and sustainability. This includes discovery [including innovation] and application of best practices.

In complex [business, technological, and societal] systems we currently lack understand of the full value of the potential of resources [over their lifecycle]. Service Science provides a clear and common understanding of service system complexity. (We only have pieces.)

Service Science joins up expertise from various disciplines for the beneficiaries of the service system [to fully explore and exploit value potential]. Service Science provides motivation, methods, and skills set for integration.

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