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Whitepaper glossary

Defining SSME

The meeting produced the following (subject to revision and reframing):

  • Service Science provides the structure and rigor for maximizing the value mutually created by optimally using all resources in [consumption and production] service provision interaction.
  • The vision of SSME is to vigorously advance the state of service science through the integrated talents of a diverse community of academics and executives so as to create ongoing innovation in service system design that adds great value to outcomes, employees and organisations and other stakeholders affected by their activities. (more)


Part I: Clarifying the rationale (notes)

  • What is the research problem?
  • Who are the stakeholders?
  • Why does such a research problem matter? (beyond the statistical reasons)

Part II: Framing and positioning (notes)

  • What are the important dimensions of the research problem?
  • Is there an overarching framework outlining the problem space at multiple levels?
  • What foundations have been laid by existing theories?

Part III: Identifying the gap (notes)

  • Where is the knowledge gap?
  • What is the research agenda for addressing the gap?
  • How can different disciplines be integrated toward a more complete understanding?

Part IV: Recognising the priority (notes)

  • How do global trends affect the nature of the research problem?
  • What substantive services merit more attention than others?
  • What practical and theoretical issues are worthy of more concern?


Service Science seems to frequently be conceptualized in terms of metaphors. Click here to see some of the metaphors (and add your own).


It has been suggested that one way to advance SSME is to provide certification, possibly of students, programs, etc. For thoughts and ideas click here.

Service Disciplines

What are the service disciplines? Click here to find out (and see a wonderfully incomplete list).

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