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GSCM Commercial: The BYU Grads

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Mike: Bob, is that you?!

Bob: Hey, Mike, long time no see.

Mike: What are you doing here? I thought you graduated last year the same time I did.

Bob: Yea, I did. I\’m just back to drop my brother of at the MTC.

Mike: So, what have you been up to this past year.

Bob: When I figured out that accounting wasn\’t my thing after all, I got this job selling life insurance. It\’s ok, but I am thinking I might try to find something else. What have you been doing?

Mike: Since I graduated in Supply Chain Management I got a job as a purchasing manager for Intel.

Bob: Oh, yea? What\’s that like.

Mike: Well, for one thing I\’m responsible for four million dollars in annual spend on (what?).

(fade to vision of job)

  1. I work with about two dozen suppliers and evaluate one or two potential new suppliers each month.
  2. The come to me and try to convince us to give them our business.
  3. I make sure they can provide good quality at a reasonable price.
  4. I look at their ISO 9000 certification and other indicators.
  5. I also make sure they can provide acceptable delivery schedules.
  6. Then, once we select a new supplier I am responsible for managing the relationship.
  7. Intel likes to treat suppliers as partners.
  8. In some instances we involve suppliers in our product design processes, which sometimes results in the suppliers figuring out ways to save us money.
  9. Seriously, Bob, these days it is the companies with the best suppliers and the best supply chains that come out on top.
  10. I mean, look at Apple (points to Bob\’s ipod).
  11. They come out with awesome products, on time, and high availability.
  12. They can only do that because of their awesome supply chain.

Bob: Dude, that sounds a great job.

Mike: Yea, it is. And great career potential too.

Bob: Do you think I could have a chance landing a supply chain at Intel?

Mike: Well, it would be easier if you would have taken the supply chain courses. The purchasing class was great – learned all about supplier selection and certification. I took a logistics class, which covers various methods of transporting goods from suppliers and to customers. There is also a (some class) and some other great electives. If you are thinking of grad school, BYU also has a MBA emphasis in supply chain management.

Bob: Dude, it has been awesome talking to you, but I got to run.

Mike: Off to the MTC?

Bob: No way. I\’m going to go find out about that MBA supply chain emphasis!

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