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GSCM Commercial: Man on the street

Target Audience


Script (PLEASE edit and improve)

Man on the street interviewer (MOS)

MOS: “What do you think careers are like for people who work in… MOS: Finance?

  • I'm not sure, but I think it has something to do with money.

MOS: Marketing?

  • Selling things.

MOS: Accounting?

  • (whatever)

MOS: Supply Chain Management?

  • What's that?
  • Global what?
  • Never heard of it.
  • No idea.

MOS (as narrative with images):

  1. Supply Chain Management is a dynamic, fast growing career.
  2. Supply Chain Management largely takes place behind the scenes of most businesses, large and small.
  3. Since supply chain is global, I can use my foreign language skills I gained on my mission.
  4. GSCM is cool
  5. I wanted to work internationally and saw GSCM as a way to do that.
  6. The very nature of business today is global. GSCM prepares me to work in a global-world economy.
  7. GSCM has some of the best faculty in the world.
  8. Every business need materials, supplies, and other resources in order to operate.
  9. The vast majority of the time, those resources are purchased from outside the company.
  10. In fact, XX% if the cost of goods sold of U.S. companies is purchased resources.
  11. Supply chain management is about working with suppliers to obtain the best resources at the best prices.
  12. One entry-level position for supply chain management graduates is purchasing manager, responsible for purchasing products and services of some type.
  13. Even though this is an entry-level position, it is by no means mundane.
  14. The way in which resources are purchased can make or break the profitability of firms.
  15. Think about it:
  16. If a typical firm with a profit margin of 10% increases revenues by $1000, only $100 of that flows to gross profit.
  17. However, if that firm can decrease purchasing costs by $1000, the entire $1000 flows to gross profit.
  18. Therefore, a purchasing manager is an important position, and leads to great career opportunities.

Here is what recent graduates have experienced… (comments from recent graduates)

Conclusion by an executive

Hi, I’m , Vice President of _ for __. Our organization… We applaud the outstanding work of the Supply Chain Management faculty at BYU in laying the foundation for a world-class program, and look forward to hiring many Supply Chain graduates in the future. I encourage you to consider this dynamic career opportunity.

To learn more… (where students can get more info)

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