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GSCM Student Recruiting Plan

This is the wiki for the plan to publicize the GSCM program to students.

Problem: SCM either has stodgy perception or no perception.

Solution: High-quality advertising.



The following scripts desperately need your editing…


  • Classes: 110, Math 119, BusM 361
  • Online: Possibly post at video.google.com
  • Kiosk: What if we set up a flatscreen DVD player with continuous play on the 4th floor?

Project Milestones

  • Have scripts nailed down by middle of September.
  • Have prototype ready by October board meeting.
  • Recruit board members to do segment.
  • Show videos in target classes in November.

Fliers / Bookmarks

To pass out at videos, etc.

Daily Universe

  • Advertisements
  • Press releases of GSCM events and accolades

Open House

  1. Show commercials
  2. Have a dynamic speaker
  3. Give away doughnuts
  4. Give door prizes based on supply chain question
    • How many parts does an iPod have?
    • How much does BYU spend every year on paper?
    • What is the average starting salary for a BYU supply-chain MBA in 2006?
    • How much did (well known company)’s supply chain group save the company between (time range).

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